Saturday, May 31, 2014

THE PAST, THE PRESENT, THE FUTURE (A Graduation Tribute to My Son)

Pre-K Graduation 2001

In so many ways, SENIOR YEAR for a Mama’s heart is a year of letting go.   Who knew it would be such a complicated mixture of pushing you forward and holding you back?

HERE  AND  NOW….We find ourselves standing at a bittersweet place. In a few short days (Wednesday, June 4th, 2014)  you will be part of a big, beautiful, meaningful ceremony that so poignantly signifies one chapter ending and a new one beginning

2014 Senior Year - Black Knights Baseball
LOOKING  BACK....  Underneath all of that fierce love for competition,  there is a tenderhearted and compassionate young man, whose once curly blond hair and blue eyes have given way to great strength and poise. 
Athletics, Fishing & Baseball, 
Bold Faith, A Desire For Truth, 
 Deep Roots and Wings That Soar,
I’ll miss not having anyone to alert me to “must see” You Tube videos and sports clips.
I’ll miss your subtle ways and “one-liners” that speak so loudly of God’s goodness and proper perspective.  You have such a gift that way.
2000  Matt making his own backstop (with chicken wire) 

I'll especially miss not having my “new word” connoisseur around to keep the Steimling household vocabulary fresh, quirky and innovative.
Travel baseball 2008

There have been moments of wonder and surprise.  There have been moments of being side lined, and unexpected bends in the road.  Each chapter being scripted by God in all of his knowing—the painful ones draw us near to him, the joyful ones illuminate his glory---both are important.

LOOKING FORWARD ……….. The spaces in our house will surely feel empty, but so many spaces in this vast world await you and your purposes.  I pray every day, the gift of clear-sightedness upon you, to recognize the path that supports (and doesn’t compromise) your faith and values.  The sacred trust we have invested well into your life has surely been a two way street.  There is a saying that goes, “As much as a mother raises her son, so does a son raise his mother.” The return on the investment is truly immeasurable.  Thank You, for the genuine joy you bring to life……… and making  us so incredibly proud. 

(graduation day pics coming soon) 

Always and Forever


Sunday, May 11, 2014


As taken from Rick's sermon today.....THE POWER OF MOM
Moses' mother Jochebed had the power of TRUST.
Samuel's mother Hannah had the power of PRAYER.
Timothy's mother Eunice had the power of INFLUENCE.
Jesus' mother Mary had the power of SURRENDER.

What a gift, to witness so many beautiful and heartfelt expressions of gratitude and love to mothers from all walks of life today.

3 generations--my daughter, my mom and me

Thankful for my mom who has always embodied TRUST, PRAYER, INFLUENCE and SURRENDER, on her journey.   It's because of her example that I can, with confidence walk with these same attributes on my own journey of motherhood.  

                                            My sister Angie, my mom and me. 
Thankful for ALL the amazing women and friends and moms that enrich my life.  (I wish I had enough room to put all of their pictures on here)

        Sarah, Me and Matt 

THE POWER OF MOM.................................TRUST, PRAYER, INFLUENCE and SURRENDER  a legacy to me----a legacy to them!  

Happy Mother's Day


Saturday, March 23, 2013


When I picked up the book Intentional Parenting, it was for a two fold purpose.   To learn, and to be affirmed.   As I read and absorbed and pondered, I did learn, and I was affirmed.   Parenting isn't just about the children, but about the parents too.  Three writers coming together, bringing with them their honesty, their invaluable experience as counselors, social workers and executive directors, and leaving the reader with 12 powerful attributes that go hand in hand with what it means to be intentional as parents and yes, as individuals.   Have you ever stopped to consider what parenting would do to you, in you and through you?
Homes and families don't just happen!  We must be INTENTIONAL!   To continue learning through all the stages of parenting, and even finding affirmation in the stages you've already walked through,  pick up your copy today.....and then pass it on to a friend (parent).